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XRF analyzer SciAps

Do you need a fast XRF analyzer for sorting scrap metal?

Efficient and accurate measurements of Pt, Pd, and Rh for recycling catalytic converters with SciAps.

Handheld XRF allows for efficient and accurate measurements for price calculation of platinum group metals (Pt, Pd, and Rh) found in catalytic converters. Specifically, SciAps X-50 handheld XRF is a unique, lower-priced premium performing model that is an excellent tool for quick measurements of PGM.

The X-50 features an X-ray tube that can run up to 50kV. It performs well and is a perfect fit for PGM analysis. In a recent test, a series of 13 catalytic converter samples were prepared and analyzed by the X-50, using a dedicated Car Cats calibration. The X-50 performed quite well compared to the lab, with R2 values for all three elements greater than 0.99.

In addition to the PGM elements, the X-50 measures several other critical elements that are indicative of the honeycomb matrix and washcoat, allowing for a more complete analysis and improved accuracy overall. The X-50 also analyzes other heavy elements that are often found in these samples, such as Ba, Ce and La. These elements can play an important role in matrix effects of the XRF analysis, so measuring and accounting for them can be critical to achieving accurate results for the precious metals.

‍These highly sought-after metals are even more valuable when the time it takes to accurately quantify them is completed in seconds.

X-50 XRF Analyzer –
the classic model for many applications at a great value

XRF X-50 analyzer

The X-50 features PiN diode technology, which is the previous generation detector prior to the advent of silicon drift detectors. The PiN technology processes a factor of 10x – 20x lower X-ray rates than the silicon drift detectors, and has resolution that is about 70 eV less (greater width). However, for many applications, such as basic sorting of stainless, high temp, and copper alloys, or to analyze base or heavy metals in soils, ores, powders, etc., the PiN technology is satisfactory. The X-50 will NOT measure Mg, Al or Si in alloys.

For some materials, X-50 can measure P and S at the 1% level. Limits of detection will be 3 x higher (elevated) compared to SDD versions of the X. However, the X-50 features an attractive price point for the applications that work well. The X-50 includes the same advanced X-ray tube as other X models (operating at 40 kV max.), integrated camera, macro-camera, video, and the Android OS platform.

The X-50 is available for alloy, environmental, mining/exploration, precious metals, car catalysts, coatings and an empirical app for industrial and user-customizable applications. Analyzers may be factory calibrated with fundamental parameters, Compton Normalization (EPA Method 6200), or user-defined empirical calibrations.

  • X-Ray Tube: 40 kV, Rh anode (alloy) or Au anode (Geochem, Soil, others)
  • Detector Rate: 7 mm2 PIN Diode, Standard DPP, 15k cps, 50% live

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