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Mechanical testing rigs

At Kvalitest, we are dedicated to providing the most cost-effective and reliable mechanical test rigs in the industry.

Mechanical test rigs equipped with servo-hydraulic actuators are particularly powerful and versatile, used for a wide range of testing and simulation tasks across various industries.

The use of hydraulic actuators allows these rigs to apply very high forces and control movements with precision, making them ideal for several specific applications like:

  • Structural Testing: They are used to test the strength and durability of structural components like beams, columns, and entire assemblies under loads that simulate real-world conditions.
  • Automotive Testing: In the automotive industry, hydraulic test rigs are used for crash simulations, suspension tests, and fatigue testing of vehicle components.
  • Aerospace and Aviation: For testing aircraft components and systems under the extreme conditions they will face during flight.
  • Heavy Machinery Testing: Testing components of heavy machinery for industries like mining, construction, and agriculture to ensure they can withstand the stresses of operational use, including load-bearing capacities and endurance under continuous operation.
  • Seismic Simulation: Testing structures and materials under simulated earthquake conditions to evaluate their resilience and design buildings and infrastructure that can better withstand seismic events.
  • Material Science: Investigating the behavior of materials under high loads and stress conditions, including metals, composites, and polymers. This helps in developing new materials with superior properties for various applications.

The precision control and high-force capabilities of servo-hydraulic actuators make these test rigs invaluable tools in engineering, research and development, quality control, and safety testing across a broad spectrum of industries.

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