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Comprehensive package testing services

Kvalitest, your trusted partner for advanced package testing services.

We specialize in delivering a wide range of testing solutions adhering to the rigorous ISTA and ASTM test standards.

Our commitment is to ensure that your packaging meets the highest standards of durability and reliability, essential for protecting your products during transit and storage.

Our package testing services include:

  • Drop testing: We conduct thorough drop tests to simulate the impacts your packages might encounter during handling and transportation. This ensures that your packaging can withstand shocks and protect its contents effectively.
  • Vibration testing: Our vibration testing services simulate various transport conditions to assess the resilience of your packaging against constant movement and jostling. This is crucial for ensuring product integrity upon arrival at its destination.
  • Compression testing: We perform compression tests to evaluate the ability of your packaging to withstand stacking pressures during storage and transit. This ensures that your packages maintain their shape and provide adequate protection under weight.
  • Conditioning in a climatic chamber: Our climatic chamber conditioning tests expose your packaging to different environmental conditions, including variations in temperature and humidity. This helps in assessing the durability and stability of your packaging materials under diverse climatic conditions.

Why choose Kvalitest for package testing?

  • Adherence to ISTA and ASTM standards: Our testing procedures strictly follow ISTA and ASTM standards, ensuring that your packaging meets global quality benchmarks.
  • Advanced testing facilities: Equipped with state-of-the-art testing equipment, we provide accurate and reliable results.
  • Expert team: Our team of skilled professionals has extensive knowledge in package testing, offering insights and recommendations to enhance your packaging solutions.
  • Customized testing solutions: We understand that each product has unique packaging requirements. Therefore, we offer tailored testing solutions to meet your specific needs.

At Kvalitest, we are dedicated to helping you achieve the highest level of packaging performance and reliability.

Contact us today to learn how our package testing services can contribute to the safety and integrity of your products during their journey to customers.

We’re not just experts in providing top-notch package testing services – we also offer a diverse range of package testing solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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