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Package test systems

Have you ever wondered how your packaging stands up to the rigors of transport and storage?

Whether you’re shipping delicate electronics or robust industrial components, ensuring your packages are robust and reliable is paramount.

That’s where package testing comes in, and at Kvalitest, we are your trusted partner in this vital endeavor.

We offer a wide range of package test systems, each designed to evaluate your packaging’s durability and protection, all in accordance with the stringent ISTA and ASTM test standards.

Our lineup includes:

  • Drop test systems: These systems simulate the impact of packages during handling, distribution, and shipping, ensuring your products are well-protected.
  • Vibration test systems: With our vibration test systems, you can replicate the stresses of transportation, helping to identify potential issues in packaging design.
  • Box Compression Testers: These systems gauge the compressive strength of your packaging, ensuring it can withstand stacking and heavy loads.
  • Altitude & climatic test chambers: Evaluate how changes in altitude and climatic conditions affect your packages, which is crucial for shipping products over long distances.

Recognizing that no single company can excel in developing and producing all these specialized test systems, we have joined forces with leading manufacturers in the industry.

Our partnership with LAB Equipment, Techlab Systems, and ACS allows us to offer you market-leading testers, each an expert in their respective niches with a global footprint and hundreds of successful installations.

When you choose Kvalitest, you’re not just getting access to cutting-edge test systems; you’re also gaining:

  • Expertise: Our team is well-versed in package testing and can guide you in selecting the right system for your specific needs.
  • Reliability: We offer high-quality systems that adhere to the strictest ISTA and ASTM standards, ensuring precise and dependable results.
  • Diversity: Our array of test systems allows you to evaluate packaging for a wide range of products across various industries.
  • Global Network: Our partner manufacturers are recognized and trusted worldwide, giving you the confidence that you’re investing in quality.

Contact us today to explore our range of testing systems and experience the difference they can make in ensuring your packages stand up to the challenges of transportation and storage. We look forward to partnering with you to enhance the reliability and durability of your packaging solutions.

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