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Aaltopahvi ja paperi

Preparation and testing systems for pulp, paper and corrugated board

We offer preparation and test systems for pulp, paper and cardboard from market leading Techlab Systems.

Here some of the main preparation and test systems:

  • PFI mills: Specifically designed to mimic industrial refining processes on a lab scale, the PFI Mill refines pulp by mechanically working the fibers, enhancing their surface area and flexibility. This adjustment of pulp properties is critical for achieving desired paper quality in terms of strength, smoothness, and printability.
  • Valley beaters: Used for replicating the mechanical pulping process on a laboratory scale, these beaters treat pulp fibers to a specified degree of beating or refining, altering the physical properties of the fibers for better paper formation.
  • Pulp disintegrators: These devices prepare pulp samples for testing by separating the fibers evenly in water, ensuring a homogeneous suspension for accurate testing of pulp properties.
  • Sheet driers and presses: After forming paper sheets from pulp, these equipments dry and press the sheets to a specific humidity and thickness, standardizing conditions for testing paper properties.
  • Automatic Rapid-Köthen sheet formers: Utilized to produce paper sheets from pulp for testing purposes, allowing for quick and efficient sheet formation under controlled conditions to ensure uniformity in the samples.
  • Mullen burst testers: This equipment tests the burst strength of paper, measuring the pressure required to rupture the paper, crucial for materials expected to withstand stress, like packaging.
  • Sample crush testers: These determine the crushing resistance of paper samples, evaluating the stiffness and load-bearing capacity, particularly for corrugated cardboard used in packaging.
  • Short span compression testers: Measures the compression strength of paper or cardboard over a short span, assessing the material’s ability to withstand loads and stresses, important for packaging and structural applications.

Each piece of equipment is vital for ensuring the paper products’ quality, helping manufacturers to maintain consistency, meet specifications, and adhere to industry standards.

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