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high speed camera höghastighetskamera suurnopeuskamera

PROMON 2000,a new high-speed streaming camera with unique features

AOS Technologies introduces the PROMON 2000, a high-speed streaming camera that captures 1920 x 1080 pixels at up to 1000 frames per second directly to a SSD. This innovative system, paired with Imaging Studio V4, is ideal for scenarios requiring extended recording times beyond DRAM limits.

Versatility and advances features

The PROMON 2000 combines the versatility of traditional high-speed cameras with advanced features such as pre-post trigger circular buffer recording, multiple buffer configurations, and external synchronization and trigger capabilities. Its key advantage is direct recording to non-volatile media, which eliminates long download times and prevents data loss during power failures.

high speed camera höghastighetskamera suurnopeuskamera
Eliminate hassle with a bundle

To ensure ease of use and eliminate the hassle of finding a compatible PC, AOS offers the PROMON 2000 as a ready-to-use bundle. This package includes the PROMON 2000 camera, a video recording station with a 2TB SSD for over 30 minutes of recording time, and Imaging Studio V4 preinstalled. All components are securely packed with accessories in a sturdy case with foam cut inserts.

high speed camera

More information about the new AOS PROMON 2000 high-speed streaming camera here >

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