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strain gage trådtöjningsgivare venymäliuska

Strain gages for high temperature, high humidity and high pressure measurements

The Kyowa encapsulated strain gage is a welded type with a completely airtight structure. It consists of a sensing part and a cable that outputs the signal from the sensing part. The sensing part includes a flange and an environmentally resistant metallic tube that houses the encapsulated gage and insulator. This part can be fixed to the measurement material through spot welding.

The cables are constructed from inorganic insulated MI (Mineral Insulated) cables, where a metal sheath is filled with heat-resistant insulating material powder, embedding a conductor inside. With the high-temperature model, strain measurement can be performed even in extreme environments involving high temperature, high pressure, and high humidity.

Strain gages for high temperature, high humidity and high pressure measurements

This strain gage element is crafted from heat-resistant special alloys. Its hermetically sealed construction, which integrates the gage and lead wires, ensures reliable measurement in high-temperature, high-pressure, and seawater environments.

Easy installation and handling

The gage can be easily spot-welded to the measurement material, allowing for immediate commencement of measurement upon installation.

Precision measurements

The design virtually eliminates thermally induced apparent strain. This is achieved through an active-dummy system featuring a temperature-compensating dummy gage within the sensing part, a sensing part with a linear expansion coefficient that matches the measurement material, and a temperature-compensating resistor. These features work together to counteract apparent strain caused by the linear expansion coefficient of the lead-wire cable within the measurement temperature range, ensuring highly accurate measurements.

Efficiency and reliability with bridge adapter

Gages equipped with a bridge adapter eliminate the need for additional wiring to the temperature-compensating resistor, enhancing reliability and reducing labor.

Comprehensive test data sheet

Each product comes with a detailed test data sheet that includes resistance data to compensate for temperature and zero point (bridge balance). If the temperature range and length of the heated portion of the MI cable differ from the specifications shown in the provided graph, you can submit your requirements, and we will supply estimated data and graphs illustrating the changes in thermally induced apparent strain and the gage factor.

Encapsulated strain gages from Kyowa, download the catalog below.

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