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pneumatic fatigue tester

We now also offer pneumatic bench-top fatigue testers up to 4 kN

A pneumatic fatigue tester is particularly suitable for fatigue testing of materials and components that do not require large forces such as:

  • Electronic components: Electronic components, such as circuit board joints, switches, and connectors, may require fatigue testing to ensure their longevity and reliability in repeated use. A small force is often sufficient for these delicate components.
  • Biomechanical applications: Testing of biomechanical materials, such as bone substitutes, implants, and other medical devices, can benefit from a low-power fatigue tester. These applications require precise force control to replicate the internal conditions of the human body.
  • Lightweight building materials: Fatigue testing of lighter building materials, such as composites, plastics, and light metals like aluminum. These materials are common in the automotive, aerospace, and transportation industries, and understanding their fatigue properties is critical.
  • Light mechanical components: Small springs, screws, bolts, and other fastening elements that are critical in various machines and devices. Fatigue testing helps determine their lifespan and reliability under repeated stress.
  • Quality control and assurance: In many production processes, fatigue testing is part of quality control, ensuring that the manufactured parts meet strict durability requirements. The pneumatic fatigue tester is a useful tool for continuous quality monitoring and product testing.
  • Research and development: The development of new materials, such as polymers, composites, and nanomaterials, requires thorough testing, including fatigue testing. The pneumatic tester can provide the necessary precision and repeatability in these applications.
  • Education and training: In academic institutions and training centers where students learn about materials science and engineering, a pneumatic fatigue tester can be a valuable teaching tool. It can be used to illustrate the fatigue properties of materials and testing methods.

The pneumatic fatigue tester is a versatile tool that is suitable for many applications where large loads are not required. Its accuracy, cleanliness, and simplicity make it a suitable choice for many industries and research areas.

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