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libs analyzer LIBS-analysaattori

SciAps Z-903 LIBS analyzer, a game-changer in elemental analysis!

We are excited to share that the SciAps Z-903 LIBS Analyzer, capable of measuring every element in the periodic table of the elements – from H to U – will be present at the FEM 2023 in Levi (Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining).

This handheld wonder is set to redefine on-site analysis. Whether you’re in research, exploration, grade control, block modelling or process optimization the Z-903 offers unprecedented speed and precision.

Don’t miss the chance to witness this innovation at FEM 2023.

Kvalitest will not be present at the FEM 2023 but contact us for details about where the Z-903 can be found at the FEM 2023.

libs analyser

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