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kvalitest testing services

When was the last time your test equipment was calibrated? We’re here to help with all your calibration needs!

To ensure accuracy, reliability and quality, it’s crucial to perform regular calibration. This process guarantees that your equipment operates at its best.

Are you experiencing needs with calibration? Our skilled and experienced calibration team is ready to assist you. We offer a range of services:

✔ Accredited field calibration (K063) for material testing machines (tension, compression, elongation, displacement), hardness testers (Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers) and impact hammers (Charpy).

✔ Comprehensive service for your climate chamber, including a condition check, three-point calibration, and a legal leak test, all performed simultaneously to ensure your equipment is up to date.

✔ Flexible and efficient calibration of accelerometers.

Our team combines solid experience with professionalism to provide you with the best service possible. Request a quote and let us know your preferred time for calibration. We’ll get in touch with you promptly.