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bending stiffness tester

Enhancing material strength: The 4-point bending stiffness tester for corrugated cardboard

In the rapidly evolving sectors of logistics and online retail, the reliability of packaging materials is more essential than ever. The 4-point flexural stiffness tester leads the charge in guaranteeing that products are secured with superior quality corrugated cardboard.

📊 Why does this matter?

  1. Product integrity & efficiency: Guarantees that boxes hold their shape and safeguard the items inside, minimizing harm during transit. The flexural stiffness of corrugated cardboard is of great importance to achieve great resistance to stacking, BCT, in the corrugated cardboard box.
  2. Usage optimization: Enhances material usage, resulting in economic savings and eco-friendly practices.
  3. Innovative design & engineering: Enables the development of creative and efficient packaging solutions based on precise material characteristics.
  4. Regulatory adherence: Ensures your packaging complies with sector-specific standards and rules.
  5. Comparative evaluation: Aids in choosing the best materials and designs, enhancing quality and economic efficiency.

Within a laboratory setting, the 4-point bending stiffness tester is indispensable. It accurately assesses the performance of cardboard under stress, leading us towards the creation of packaging that is both efficient, eco-conscious and robust.

🌟 For those involved in design, manufacturing or quality assurance, grasping the stiffness characteristics of your packaging resources is crucial for achieving excellence. Let’s adopt technology that safeguards our goods as well as our environment!

Download the specification sheet (pdf) here ⬇️

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