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measurement systems

Testers for electrical networks

We offer a wide range of test and measurement systems from KOCOS for testing and verifying networks and network equipment in electricity supply systems.

Our cutting-edge test and measurement systems empower you to maintain the integrity, reliability, and safety of your electrical infrastructure.

  • Digital fault recording, Delve deep into your power system with our advanced digital fault recording technology. Uncover and address faults swiftly, ensuring a seamless and efficient electrical network.
  • Power quality analysis, Master power quality to achieve a robust network. Our state-of-the-art power quality analysis solutions empower you to monitor, analyze, and optimize power quality, resulting in a more reliable and efficient electrical network.
  • Protection relay testing, Reliability is key in protection relay systems. Our solutions offer precise testing to guarantee the security and effectiveness of your protection mechanisms.
  • Circuit breaker testing, Keep your circuits under control. Our testing systems ensure the functionality and performance of your circuit breakers, enhancing safety and efficiency.
  • Resistance measurement, Accurate resistance measurement is fundamental for electrical integrity. Trust in our systems for dependable results in your resistance testing.
  • Meter testing, In the world of electricity, precision in metering is paramount. Our meter testing solutions assure the accuracy and reliability of your meters.
  • Power sources, For consistent, reliable power generation, our power sources are the answer. Ensure a steady supply of electricity for your operations.

We stand as the beacon of accuracy, efficiency, and reliability in electrical network testing. Rely on Kvalitest to empower your electrical infrastructure for the challenges of tomorrow.

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