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Stick-Slip testing

Kvalitest partners with MB Dynamics for cutting-edge automotive testing solutions

We are excited to announce a new strategic partnership with German-based MB Dynamics, a pioneer in automotive testing systems. Together, we’re bringing a suite of advanced testing solutions to address the dynamic challenges of the automotive industry.

3D Stick-Slip test rigs

Through our partnership, we are excited to present the new 3D Stick-Slip test rig, an innovative system developed by MB Dynamics. This cutting-edge test rig is capable of simulating dynamic excitation forces and relative motions in three axes, offering a realistic and detailed analysis of vehicle components under various scenarios. It’s an essential tool for engineers aiming to minimize noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) in vehicle designs, leading to the production of smoother and quieter vehicles.

2D Tribo-Acoustic test benches

The 2D Tribo-Acoustic test bench enables testing of a wide range of material pairings and components with real, highly dynamic relative motions and normal forces to analyze friction, friction noise, stick-slip, material damping and abrasion and wear.

Squeak & Rattle test benches

Additionally, we are proud to incorporate MB Dynamics’ exceptionally quiet Squeak & Rattle test benches into our product lineup. These advanced benches are designed for exhaustive testing of complete vehicles, components, and subsystems, focusing on identifying and mitigating noise issues before they reach the consumer. Ensuring that every vehicle meets the highest standards of quality and comfort, these benches cater to the precise needs of today’s automotive market, whether testing a full vehicle or specific components.

Electrodynamic shaker systems for multi-axis excitation

Completing our enhanced product range are MB Dynamics’ quiet electrodynamic shaker components and systems, capable of excitation in up to six axes simultaneously. These systems provide an unmatched level of testing flexibility and accuracy, ideal for a variety of applications, from research and development to quality control. Designed to fulfill the stringent requirements of contemporary automotive testing, these shaker systems set a new benchmark in the field.

A Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Our partnership with MB Dynamics underscores our ongoing commitment to delivering the most innovative and effective testing solutions to our clients. With these new offerings, Kvalitest and MB Dynamics are redefining the standards in automotive testing, equipping our clients with the tools necessary to develop safer, more reliable, and higher-quality vehicles.

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